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Self Love is Crucial

Self-love. Self-care. Me time. These terms are used very often these days. Many people get lost in the day to day grind of life, and that inevitably leads to self-neglect. Of course, for most this is not intentional.
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Nourishing Body Scrub Recipe

Oftentimes, we as ladies get carried away with caring for everyone else and neglect ourselves. Now is a great time to prioritize yourself so that you are operating from your personal best. One great way to do so is to start implementing new and intentional routines that make self-care a priority.
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Welcome to My New Site!

Hello and welcome to my new online home. Here, I will share my new content, products and inspiration. The main goal of this site is to share my experiences with women, and inspire them to reach their fullest potential in their lives and their homes.
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5 Ways to Stretch Your Money During the Furlough

Hopefully, you have been saving and have 3-6 months of living expenses saved up for a “rainy day.” If not, here are 5 frugal strategies that are helping me to maintain during the shutdown.
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How To Quadruple Your Savings with Stockpiling!

To save money on the food you purchase, it is often necessary to buy in bulk and stockpile items. Get my tips which regular products to stockpile and insights into the best staple foods to buy in bulk.
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6 Frugal Travel Hacks for Your Next Trip

Traveling by airplane can be very expensive! Don’t make it more expensive than it needs to be! We can’t plan for everything, but there are a handful of things that we can anticipate and plan for (which are often NOT accounted for).
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Top 100 Food Items that Should be Frozen

Don't throw out that food! Many of the foods that we eat regularly can be frozen and saved for later consumption. A large part of preparing food for freezing is having a plan for how the food will be consumed in the future.
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Use Mini-Goal Setting to Get Stuff Done

By breaking the desired outcome for your goals down into smaller more easily doable tasks, you will set yourself up to accomplish those tasks and consequently motivate yourself to continue until you achieve your ultimate goal.
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“Frugal” Is NOT A Bad Word.

Frugal living is really about setting goals and meeting them efficiently. It is to be a good steward of precious resources. Are you really about the frugal life?
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5 Steps for Successful Menu Planning

Menu planning is a great way to save money and eat much healthier. It puts YOU in control of what you are consuming. If you have never planned your meals for a week, here are some steps to getting started...and TODAY is a great day to begin!
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Image: Jogger preparing to run | 11 ways to be fit and frugal - Lizalyn Smith Blog

11 Ways to be Fit AND Frugal

Who doesn’t want to be more fit and healthy?? Most do, and many find the costs to be a turn-off. Luckily, there are many ways that you can be fit without breaking the bank.
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4 Grocery Hacks That Make Saving Simple

These simple grocery hacks can be used to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. These hacks, or habits, work best when they are automatic, and require very little thought.
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Image: Woman stressing out while looking at computer screen | Which money saving strategies are worth it? - Lizalyn Smith Blog

Which Money Saving Strategies are Worth It?

All frugal strategies are not created equal. There is no shortage of tips and hacks that we can explore for saving money. HOWEVER, not all of these strategies are worth the time and effort required to implement them.
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Thinking About Cost vs. Benefit When Saving Money

As you are researching ways to save (by factoring in the time, money and energy you will need), you should be asking yourself questions like “Do I have the time in my schedule to do this consistently?” and “Do we have the extra money right now to invest in this?”
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12 Easy Ways to Save Money!

Having a frugal mindset means that I am constantly thinking of and trying to find ways to save money. Here are 12 of my favorite ways to save money!
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Items I Use, But Rarely Buy!

One of my frugal strategies is to make things from scratch at home. I have a growing list of items that I have made, or am planning to start making at home this year. Here is my list of items as it stands today.
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How To: Homemade Laundry Detergent: Part I

Today, I made some liquid homemade laundry detergent for the first time! In doing so I'm saving of over 93% on laundry detergent this year!
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New Year, New Possibilities

To save money on the food you purchase, it is often necessary to buy in bulk and stockpile items. This requires foresight and planning so that you can determine how much food to store and safely use before it expires.
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