12 Easy Ways to Save Money!

Having a frugal mindset means that I am constantly thinking of and trying to find ways to save money. I like to implement a few “easy” ways (like using cloth towels) as well as some that require a lot more thought and planning (like cooking from scratch). This way, I am being mindful of my spending in many different ways.

  1. Use Cloth instead of Paper Towels
  2. Make Body Wash
  3. Make Laundry Soap
  4. Cook From Scratch
  5. Plan Meals
  6. Make baby food from Scratch
  7. Use Cloth Diapers, even if just part-time
  8. Purchase Children’s Clothes & Shoes with a Little Room to Grow Into
  9. Pay attention to Expiration Dates and Keep in Mind if you will Use Up in Time
  10. Price Match
  11. If you lose/break a favorite item that was part of a set or pair (i.e. earring, dish, glass, etc.) purchase another exact pair/set, not a completely set, so you will now have a spare
  12. Purchase gift wrap/bags that can be used for various occasions/people such as solid or neutral colors (great to shop for after holiday markdowns)

Calculate Your Savings and Goddess Vibes are Lizalyn Smith’s important new books.

In Calculate Your Savings, Lizalyn shares the frugal and thrifty strategies that help her get the most out of the food and household products she uses in her home. What sets this book apart from the crowd is that it doesn’t simply list ways to be frugal, it shows you how to determine which of the countless frugal strategies are best for you to put into practice. This book is filled with the tools that she uses, and her experiences in using them. She shows you how you can determine the best ways for you to save money in YOUR home today!

In Goddess Vibes, Lizalyn focuses on empowering women of all ages to allow their femininity to flourish through practical strategies that will help to find balance in home, diet, and body. Femininity and elevated feminine essence are highly coveted attributes that money simply cannot buy. When allowed to thrive, they inspire life, love, and abundance. This book details the roadmap that Lizalyn has taken to create the life of her dreams, and it can transform your life.

Both books are available in e-book and paperback forms on www.amazon.com

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