“Frugal” Is NOT A Bad Word.

Are you really about the frugal life? Often people are frustrated by even the thought of being “frugal.” To some, frugal and thrifty are associated with lack, cheap, time-consuming tasks, and other negative stereotypes. Many who frown upon being thrifty also struggle to save money and stay organized. Given the way the word has been portrayed in the media, I can certainly understand the negativity. The extreme tactics that some people choose (i.e. dumpster diving for dinner and saving used noodle water to bathe with), are just that…EXTREME. Most people who consider themselves frugal would never consider going to such extremes (myself included). These extreme tactics add more problems than they solve!

Frugal living is really about setting goals and meeting them efficiently. It is to be a good steward of precious resources.

We all have a limited amount of time, money and energy. My goal is to show people how to use these resources in order to add value to their lives. Here are a few things that being thrifty has added to my life:

Frugal Simplicity

Thinking positively about being thrifty inspires me to keep clutter, excess and impulses to a minimum. My positive frugal mindset inspires me to have an organized home so that I can quickly assess what I have, and what I need.

Time Savings

How much time do you spend looking for things like keys, or that jar of salsa (which you are sure you bought last week and shoved in the back of your overflowing cabinet)? A HUGE part of being frugal is ORGANIZATION, which saves time. Another aspect of being frugal is mindfully planning to accomplish tasks (i.e. prepping and freezing multiple meals at once) so that you can ultimately save time in the future.


Thinking positively about being thrifty goes hand in hand with awareness of your household needs. With that awareness, you can look for opportunities to meet needs your family’s needs in better and more economical ways. For example, if you have a daughter who has skin sensitivities, you could research ways to make laundry detergent that gets the job done for pennies.


The knowledge and wisdom you gain from learning to do tasks in and around your own home is invaluable. You will still need to pay someone else to do or make some things. However, many times, you can put your own knowledge and labor to work for yourself. Knowledge truly is power. Learning to cook, grow a garden, and sew (just to name a few) are all PRICELESS skills that I am learning on my journey of being frugal.

If you view this word from a positive vantage point, one in which you ultimately GAIN something of value, you will easily see that frugal is not such a bad word after all.

What do you think? Why does the term frugal have a negative stereotype? Leave your comment below!


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