Items I Use, But Rarely Buy!

One of my frugal strategies is to make things from scratch at home. I have a growing list of items that I have made, or am planning to start making at home this year. Here is my list of items as it stands today. See my post on Homemade Laundry Detergent for more info on that item, and more tutorials, price comparisons and reviews will be posted soon!

1. Laundry Detergent – I made a batch of this last month, for a total cost of $2.30. This batch is going to last for another 3 months, and it works wonderfully!!

2. Body Wash & Liquid Hand Soap – I recently made 80 ounces of body wash using 3 bars of Dove Soap. The soap cost me $1.50, and this should last us a little under 2 months. The only other ingredient is water. It definitely works, but I find that in order to get the lather I like, I have to use a bit more of this than I used of the store-bought body wash. So I may have to tweak the recipe (or get over it), but still a huge savings (usually paid $4 – $5 for a 24 ounce bottle).

3. Taco Seasoning/Other Seasoning Packets

4. Dishwasher Detergent*

5. Bread

6. Yogurt*

7. Green Onions – No huge savings here for me. A bag of green onions is around $1, and we don’t eat them very often. However, it’s nice to have on hand, so I will definitely use them more. I just stuck the ends of 2 green onions in some water and placed them in a window 5 days ago. Now look what is happening….

8. Hummus

9. Granola

10. Flour Tortilla Shells*

*Have not yet tried, but plan to this year.

What are some items that YOU plan to make homemade in 2015?


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