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Calculate Your Savings

Image: Lizalyn Smith posing with her new book, Calculate Your Savings
Image: Book cover of Calculate Your Savings - A book by Lizalyn Smith

Paperback; Ebook | 64 pages | 978-0986301803
October 4, 2014

Calculate Your Savings

A Book By Lizalyn Smith

Cook meals from scratch! Use coupons! Have a garage sale! In our society, there are countless tips, tricks and strategies we can use to save money. How much do these strategies really save, and are the savings even worth the time? 

Calculate Your Savings© is about becoming aware of the best frugal strategies for you and focusing your efforts on implementing them. Being “frugal” looks different for every family, and is not one-size fits all. A frugal strategy, which could be using coupons or stockpiling items in your home, should not cause anxiety or headaches. The best frugal strategies are those that best fit into your already full schedule, and this book shows you how to determine the best strategies for you. 

The primary focus of this book is to show you how to save money on food and other commonly used household goods. In order to truly benefit from using a frugal strategy, you must determine whether it is worth your investment of time, energy, and possibly money. After you have determined what a strategy costs you in time energy and money, you can compare that to the benefits of money saved, time saved, and added health & well being. Calculate Your Savings© will show you how to compare these costs and benefits, and also how to calculate the amount of money you could save by using specific frugal strategies. 

Living life frugally is not about self-deprivation, being cheap or being stingy. Living life frugally is about being conscious and aware of your spending, and it is about making adjustments that can be sustainable over time so that you are in control of your resources. Calculate Your Savings© will equip you with the tools necessary for that awareness and sustainability.

Image: Goddess Vibes and Calculate Your Savings available exclusively at - Books by Lizalyn Smith

Calculate Your Savings: Paperback; Ebook | 64 pages | 978-0986301803 | October 4, 2014

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