Self Love is Crucial

Self-love. Self-care. Me time.

These terms are used very often these days. Many people get lost in the day to day grind of life, and that inevitably leads to self-neglect. Of course, for most this is not intentional. I doubt that anyone wakes up in the morning and says, “I think I will neglect myself today.” Nevertheless, most of us neglect to prioritize self-care at some point, and this leads to stress, illness, depression, unhealthy relationships, and many other negative consequences. To combat these consequences, we must be adamant about taking time to care for ourselves. The first step is to truly accept that you deserve some extra TLC (regardless of anyone else’s misplaced opinion). If you are reading this, YOU are worthy and important. You deserve to be pampered, affirmed and cared for. Second, you must make self-care a daily habit, not just some big once-a-month event that requires planning, money and effort to execute. When you are conscious and intentional about doing things that elevate your mindset and your self-love daily, it becomes easy to maintain.


I have created this list of 100 ways that you can show yourself some love today.


100 Ways to Practice Self Love Daily:

1.     Accept that you are a work in process and deserve another chance

2.     Add a few drops of essential oil to your bedding

3.     Aerobics

4.     Aromatherapy

5.     Be mindful of the present

6.     Be self-aware

7.     Be ok with saying no

8.     Call a friend

9.     Clean your home

10.  Color

11.  Cook yourself a healthy meal

12.  Create a piece of art

13.  Dance

14.  Delegate tasks

15.  Do not overcommit

16.  Do nothing

17.  Donate/Sell unneeded clothes

18.  Draw or paint

19.  Dress up for no reason

20.  Drink a healthy smoothie

21.  Drink proper amount of water

22.  Dry brush your skin

23.  Eliminate habits that don’t serve you well

24.  Exfoliate your skin

25.  Figure out what you need

26.  Find a new fragrance

27.  Get a makeover

28.  Get a manicure/pedicure

29.  Get a massage

30.  Get a medical check-up

31.  Get a new hair style

32.  Get a plant or flowers

33.  Get acupuncture

34.  Get adequate sleep

35.  Get fitted for a new bra

36.  Have a cup of tea

37.  Have your favorite drink

38.  Join a support group

39.  Jump on a trampoline

40.  Keep a healthy perspective

41.  Laugh out loud

42.  Leave for your destination 5 minutes early

43.  Light a candle

44.  Listen to motivational messages

45.  Listen to relaxing music

46.  Log off of social media

47.  Meditate

48.  Open a window for fresh air

49.  Pick your battles wisely

50.  Plan a trip

51.  Plan out a week’s worth of outfits

52.  Plant some seeds

53.  Play a game

54.  Practice gratefulness

55.  Practice minimalism

56.  Pray

57.  Put on make up

58.  Put together a puzzle

59.  Read a novel

60.  Read something inspirational

61.  Refresh your wardrobe

62.  Remove clutter from your space

63.  Remove yourself from unhealthy relationships & situations

64.  Seek healing for your hurt

65.  Sell items you no longer use

66.  Sew

67.  Share a meal with someone special

68.  Sing

69.  Slow down while walking

70.  Smile

71.  Soak your feet in warm water

72.  Speak self-affirmations aloud

73.  Spend time with loved ones

74.  Stand with proper posture

75.  Stop attempting to please people

76.  Stretch

77.  Swim

78.  Take a relaxing bath

79.  Take a nap

80.  Take a peaceful walk

81.  Take care of a pet

82.  Take slow deep breaths

83.  Talk to a counselor

84.  Try a new recipe

85.  Try a new sport

86.  Use a face mask

87.  Visit the dentist

88.  Visit your favorite place

89.  Visualize yourself achieving your goals

90.  Watch your favorite movie

91.  Wear a pedometer

92.  Write a note expressing your feelings

93.  Write down 5 areas of growth

94.  Write down 5 things you love about you

95.  Write down your dreams upon awakening

96.  Write down your health/fitness goals

97.  Write out a bucket list

98.  Write out your life goals

99.  Write your life story

100. Yoga

What are your favorite ways to unwind? Comment below.

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