Which Money Saving Strategies are Worth It?

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All frugal strategies are not created equal. 

There is no shortage of tips and hacks that we can explore for saving money. HOWEVER, not all of these strategies are worth the time and effort required to implement them. Many people jump too quickly into using strategies that seem to work well for others, but then quickly discover that the very strategy that saved someone else $1000 in two weeks is not having the same impact for them. This may lead to regret, hopelessness and defeat.

For me, prior to becoming a parent, I spent lots of time gathering coupons, researching sales, and traveling to different stores to get great deals. I was able to literally save thousands of dollars using coupons. After my son was born and I returned to work full-time, I did not have the time or the ENERGY for using coupons. I changed my strategies and saved money in other ways.

The key is to be introspective, and look for strategies that will simplify your life, NOT drive you crazy! It is ok to accept that everything is not going to work for everyone at every time. Simply figure out what works best for you at the present moment and dedicate yourself to making it work.


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