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Image: Goddess Vibes - Now available in audiobook format from Amazon - Lizalyn Smith

Goddess Vibes - Audiobook

July 30, 2020 – I am happy to announce that Goddess Vibes is now Available in Audiobook (along with Paperback and E-book formats). All available now on Amazon.

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Image: Goddess Vibes - Spanish translation, available from Amazon - Lizalyn Smith

Vibras de diosa

Las vibras de diosa son la energía, intenciones y acciones que las diosas liberan en la atmósfera. Para el propósito de este libro, nos enfocaremos en las positivas y vivificantes cualidades de diosa que inspiran grandeza. Cada mujer puede exhibir las cualidades de una diosa y mejorar su vida, así como también la de aquellos que la rodean.

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Image: Goddess Vibes - The new book from Lizalyn Smith, available from Amazon - Lizalyn Smith

Goddess Vibes

Goddess Vibes is a book for women in all phases of life. In Lizalyn’s second book, Goddess Vibes focuses on the power of femininity and elevated feminine essence: the highly sought-after attributes that inspire life, love, and abundance. In Goodess Vibes, Liza provides practical strategies and roadmaps for finding your balance between home, diet, and body. Solidifying those areas will help your femininity flourish and transform your life.

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Image: Book cover of Calculate Your Savings - A book by Lizalyn Smith

Calculate Your Savings

Calculate Your Savings is Lizalyn’s original book. Calculate Your Savings is the culmination of the years of experience Lizalyn spent using frugal and thrifty strategies to help her get the most out of the food and household products she uses in her home. This book shows you how to determine which strategies are best for you and show’s you how to put them into practice. With an array of tips and tricks, this book will inspire and educate you as you learn easy, practical ways to live a more frugal lifestyle and save!

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